How Commercial Cleaning Services Improve Employee Productivity

A clean and organized office leads to better employee morale, fewer sick days, and longer-lasting equipment.

And while many of us can personally attest to the positive feeling of walking into work right after a professional office cleaning, these aren’t just anecdotal claims. In fact, several studies over recent years have proven the benefits of routine office building cleaning.

HLW International LLP’s study of 400 managers and employees is just one of many studies that have found that the productivity levels of employees are heavily influenced by the cleanliness of their office. In this particular study, the influence was so significant, in fact, that those offices that were studied reported an average 5% productivity gain or $125,000 revenue increase for a 100-employee office with an average salary of $25,000.

What leads businesses to receive such a significant increase in their productivity? Here are three reasons.

A Clean Office Results in Improved Employee Morale

The feeling of walking into an office that is clean and lemony fresh isn’t only nice – it’s important to the morale of your employees. After all, who wants to work close a foul carpet? Keep their lunch in a dirty fridge? Or use a restroom that has not been maintained?

And when work becomes stressful, having an office that is at least clean and organized is one less thing your employees need to worry about. If not directly beneficial to your employees’ morale, it can at least reduce the number of distractions and lesser stressors they may encounter throughout the day.

Your employees deserve – and expect – a comfortable and sanitary working environment. A clean office shouldn’t be a luxury and it doesn’t have to be an extravagance, either. Even a one-time carpet cleaning, hard surface cleaning, deep refrigerator cleaning, or deep restroom cleaning on top of your routine cleaning schedule will go a long way in communicating that your business matters as well as your employees.

A Clean Office Results in Fewer Sick Days

According to the International Sanitary Supply Association, sick days cost businesses more than $225 billion dollars each year and result in a 54% loss in productivity.

When you stop to think about all of the ways your employees come in contact with germs throughout the day, however, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise.

Desktops, according to a study from the University of Arizona, have approximately 25,000 germs per square inch. They are followed by office phones which were found to have almost 21,000 germs per square inch. In a separate study by WebMD, researchers identified break room sinks, microwave door handles, keyboards, refrigerator door handles, and coffee makers as hotspots for office germs.

And while even just the thought of wiping down every surface of your office at the end of an already exhausting work day can cause you stress, the most practical solution is to simply have your office professionally cleaned. Considering the high demand for commercial cleaning services, it’s clear that professional cleaning services are what your business needs to be competitive, on top of being productive.

A Clean Office Results in Longer-Lasting Equipment

Your equipment puts in long hours, too.

Neglecting to care for your office equipment can lead to malfunctions and avoidable expense. Even something as seemingly innocent as dust blocking your computer’s fan can lead to significant damage.

In lieu of frequently replacing your equipment before its time, employing commercial cleaning services to help you clean your equipment in addition to other areas of your office may be a better investment. And, instead of wasting hours to hunt down parts or ordering replacements, letting commercial cleaning services care for your equipment is an option that requires no additional time or effort on your part.

A Clean Office Results in Better Productivity Overall

Improved employee morale, fewer sick days, and longer-lasting equipment – with all of this in mind, as well as the cost of a critical mistake that may result from a disorganized environment, it becomes clear that the cleanliness of your office impacts your bottom line.

What are positivity, efficiency, and profitability worth to your business?

Anago Cleaning Systems can help you maximize each of these for less time and less expense. Whether you need routine office building cleaning or a one-time cleaning job, our cleaning professionals will swiftly and efficiently keep your office in its best condition. Contact us today and experience first-hand we’re the commercial cleaning service that will keep you running smoothly!

The Top Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

Now, more than ever, customers have options for where they take their business. As every industry becomes increasingly competitive, businesses must take advantage of every opportunity available in order to elevate their brand in the mind of consumers. Maintaining a clean, fresh, and welcoming environment is one such way for businesses to stand out from their competition and make a lasting impression on their customers. Nowhere is this reflected best than in the demand for commercial cleaning services.

Over the last five years, the demand for commercial cleaning services has grown among both large corporations and small businesses. Why? Because of its benefits. If you have considered commercial cleaning services in the past—or if this is the first time that you are considering services—there are some key benefits that you should know about.

A Commercial Cleaning Will Attract and Retain Business

As a business owner, you know better than anyone else that your customers should always come first. After all, if they’re not doing business with you, they’re doing business with your competitor. So, for our list of Top Benefits of Commercial Cleaning, we’ll start there, too—with your customers.

#1. A clean and tidy environment communicates that you care about your customer, your team, and every last detail.

When your carpet is vacuumed, your furniture is polished, and your glass is pristine, it instills confidence in your customer that they made the right decision. Alternatively, if your restroom is filthy and your trash is overflowing, your customers will question whether you have the manpower or even the motivation to handle their needs.

#2. A clean environment elevates your brand in the mind of consumers.

The fact of the matter is that your professional image determines your success and the appearance of your facility can be what sets your business apart in the mind of consumers.

After all, think of all of the offices, restaurants, schools, movie theaters, and other locations that you frequently visit. We think it’s safe to say that the cleanliness of these establishments can have a strong, long-lasting impression on you. For most of us, the cleanliness of a table at a restaurant or the conditions of the floors at a movie theater is enough to decide whether or not we would return.

And while that alone should be enough reason to seek commercial cleaning services, that’s certainly not the only benefit that a professional can offer. Here are additional ways a commercial cleaning benefits your business.

A Commercial Cleaning Will Improve Productivity

Of course, the other side of attracting and retaining customers is having a staff that can meet their need. Like your customers, your employees respond to a professional environment.

According to a study of 400 managers and employees conducted by HLW International LLP, the productivity levels of employees are heavily influenced by the cleanliness of their office. The influence that a clean office had on productivity was so significant, in fact, that those who were studied reported an average 5% productivity gain or $125,000 revenue increase for a 100-employee office with an average salary of $25,000.

This study, alongside a multitude of other studies that have been conducted on the benefits of commercial cleaning, only confirms what many of us already knew were true: a clean office improves employee morale, reduces sick days, and improves overall productivity.

#3. A clean office improves employee morale.

When rooms, halls, and stairs appear clear and smell fresh, your employees can take pride in their work. Happy employees are more engaged, stay longer, and attract more business for your company. And—let’s not forget to mention—it’s generally nice to spend your days surrounded by happy individuals. Who would say no to that?

#4. A clean office reduces sick days.

The typical desk contains about 25,000 germs per square inch, making it the highest concentration of germs in an office; however, the leading hotspot of workplace germs is closely followed by break room faucet handles, microwave handles, refrigerator door handles, water fountain buttons, and vending machine buttons. That means that the two locations that employees are most likely to spend their day—their workstation and the breakroom—are also most likely to make them sick.

It should come as no surprise, then, that sick days costs businesses more than $225 billion dollars each year and results in a 54% loss in productivity according to the International Sanitary Supply Association. And while such a staggering statistic can sound disheartening at first, it actually presents a tremendous opportunity for business owners who decide to receive professional cleaning services. In other words, businesses owners who maintain a clean, germ-free environment can potentially gain a 54% increase in their productivity. That’s a 54% advantage over competitors who choose to devote their own hours to cleaning or forgo the process entirely.

#5. A clean improves productivity.

If you do not already receive professional cleaning services, then you and your staff are likely handling all of your own housekeeping. For any company, though, this can be a tremendous undertaking. Even if you and your staff are taking the time to routinely disinfect your computer mice; disinfect your keyboard; disinfect your phone handle, receiver, and individual keys; and cleaning the surface of your desk; that’s lost productivity across the board. This, of course, does not factor in the time spent on the more laborious tasks of cleaning the carpets, the windows, and—of course—the dreaded break room.

Your business simply cannot afford to lose productivity. The time that you and your staff devote to cleaning is time that could be spent responding to customers, generating leads, and growing your business overall. So, in addition to preventing sick days, professional cleaning services allow you to maximize your time even further.

Experience These Benefits for Your Business

It’s a fact: Commercial cleaning services provide businesses with improved outcomes. At Anago Cleaning Systems, we know this from experience.

For years, Anago Cleaning Systems has provided routine cleaning services as well as one-time cleaning services to businesses of various sizes and industries. During this time, we have received acclaim from satisfied clients who directly benefited from our services. With this in mind, we are confident that our world-class services and fully-trained professionals can provide you with the results you want. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Contact us at Anago Cleaning Systems and start experiencing these benefits.